Voce Divina Specialties
Voce Divina and Audio gallery gang all in the small room
Voce Divina Soprano was featured in this room with again first rate equipments Driving the Soprano. Impressive dynamics at the same time intimate delicacy was pouring from this setup
Audiophiles listening carefully. This room was always a packed house while the Soprano was singing beautifully.
A visit from one of our dealers in Korea, Mr Soung was very courteous to us. Left: The Tenore and Soprano side by side.
Bryan and Mr.Hong beside the Tenore. We were treated with one of the best sound we've heard from the Tenore and Soprano by Mr. Soung in his audio store. It was Driven by Pass Labs X1000 mono amps and MBL front end. Very nice indeed.
Victor and Bryan with Mr Soung and his associate outside his audio store.