q. millenio Basso    
feature a new state of the art dual ten inch subwoofer, in a semi-isobarik load and a redesigned constant impedance enclosure. The constant impedance enclosure and passive crossover design allow the
q. millenio Basso to use the same full range amplification as the main speakers with a true eight ohm load through out the audio frequency range. The q. millenio Basso is wired in parallel with the Tenore or Soprano. The full range amplifier may be a low watt tube, solid state, or hybrid design.
The load     with one or two q. millenio Basso is actually more linear and easier to drive, because audio frequencies will follow the path of least resistance. Bass notes down to an amazing 18 hertz travel to the q. millenio Basso. The lower mid-range and high notes travel to the Tenore or Soprano. This allows each speaker to play their most efficient frequency range. The improvements in the bass are stunning. Set aside the extended low frequency of the q. millenio Basso, and listen to the enrichment in the palpability of the musical soundstage and the sonic agility in the timbre of the midrange woofers.
The Linear impedance of the wholesystem is attributed to the semi-isobarik load, the constant impedance enclosure and the remarkable low-pass, passive crossover in the
q. millenio
Basso. Consequently, there are no phase shifts or frequency anomalies in the whole system. The q. millenio Basso match the Tenore or Soprano seamlessly, in acoustical, electrical and phase characteristics.

One or Two q.millenio
Basso may be used per stereo system, and multiple
q. millenio Basso are used for Home Theater applications. Hook-up and installation are easy; wire the Basso in parallel with the Tenore or Soprano and place the Basso near the main speakers. The q. millenio Basso is the most exciting product of the new millenio.
The millenio Basso used with the Soprano or Tenore will actually present more linear and easier load to your amplification also improve the midrange palpability sonic agility the timbre of the midrange woofers
Every original Tenore or Soprano owner may upgrade their system to the new
standards with the addition of the
q. millenio