Baritone Subwoofer/Stand
Specifications: 89db efficient, 20hz to 40-80hz (depending on crossover module), 25"high x 12" wide x 19" deep, nominal 8 ohms, recommended amplification 80 to 400 watts, five year limited warranty, weight ~ 50 lbs. each.
The Baritone reference subwoofers enhance lower frequencies through custom nine inch drivers. The down firing subwoofers evenly distribute the stereophonic frequency into the soundstage. The Baritone's unmatched design ensures tight and sonorous bass reproduction.
Voce Divina is know for elegant finishes and exotic cabinet construction; the Baritone's striking appearance and breath-taking performance make the Soprano, Baritone speakers system the most desirable two/multiple channel speaker system in production.
The Baritone would need a seperate electronic crossover and amplification unlike the q. millenio Basso. Your Voce Divina dealer can accomodate you with the TDM Electronic crossover/Amplifiers which works flawlessly with the Baritone at a very reasonable price. You can also buy the Baritone as a Stand without subwoofers and later upgrade it with the custom nine inch subwoofers.